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Dea Conrad-Curry

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» Common Core State Standards

» 21st Century Skills

» Curriculum Alignment: Backwards by Design

» Gender Based Instruction

» Professional Learning Communities


Over the last twenty years, Dea Conrad-Curry has worked as a classroom teacher and a professional development leader, providing staff development to more than 100 Illinois schools and affecting learning opportunities for thousands of Illinois students. Dedicated to school improvement, She makes herself available to teachers and administrators far beyond a workshop date. Dea believes continued staff development will enrich student achievement.

A proponent of rigor and boldness, Conrad-Curry has developed curricula and delivered instruction that step beyond academic convention to grasp learners’ attention and create engaging teaching environments. Among her goals are teacher-developed lessons that challenge students of all levels, scaffold student thinking, and optimize student achievement. Through her own academic preparation and professional practice, she has developed an intellectual and intuitive advantage in professional development.

Enthusiastic yet focused, Dea’s presentations balance audience engagement through discussion and activity. Each presentation is based on educational research.

Dea Conrad-Curry's bio

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